Covid-19 Safety

At Artemis, it's always been a top priority to provide a safe space for healing and rejuvenation, but we are now setting the bar higher than ever. By reviewing each aspect of the client and therapist experience, we are establishing new procedures and upgrading protocols to meet, and in many cases, exceed government and industry-specific guidance. 

Client Procedures

Please review the new procedures all clients must follow:

Do not visit the studio if you or a household member has a fever, COVID-19 symptoms, or a communicable illness of any kind; if you are under an isolation or quarantine order; or if you have traveled to any geographical area or independent facility with a community spread of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, including these states.

All client temperatures are taken at the time of arrival with a temporal thermometer. The process is non-invasive and takes just a moment. Any client with a temperature of 100° or higher will be asked to reschedule at least two weeks from the date of their appointment.

All clients must abide by sanitation and hygiene standards posted throughout the studio, including handwashing prior to entering the studio and/or use of hand sanitizer prior to massage. 

All clients are required to wear a mask in the studio that fits snugly at the edges and completely covers the nose and mouth. No neck gaiters or bandanas. Masks are permitted to be removed while in the prone (face-down) position to allow for unobstructed breathing; headrest covers have been oriented to create a dual-layered barrier between client and therapist. Masks must be replaced when supine or side-lying. If you do not have a mask, please notify the front desk. Disposable masks are available for $1.50.

All clients must follow distancing markers on the floor in common areas. Clients must likewise maintain six feet of distance between themselves and others where markers are not present.

All clients and therapists are discouraged from any casual conversation while doors to therapy rooms are closed. We understand many clients enjoy chatting during their service, but at present talking is limited to confirming pressure, comfort, and/or findings.

No guests or companions allowed at this time. Only clients who have scheduled appointments are permitted to enter the studio. 

No cash is accepted at this time. Payment in advance is available for a contactless checkout.


No paper intakes accepted at this time. All new and updated health intakes must be submitted digitally in advance.

Studio Procedures

Please review the ways in which we aim to keep you safe:

All clients are pre-screened by the front desk at the time of booking. Clients must confirm an absence of symptoms and any recent travel with the front desk. Clients must also agree to follow masking guidelines. Therefore, online booking is discontinued until further notice. Cancellation fees are waived for clients calling same-day to report symptoms of illness.

All therapists and front desk staff are required to wear masks and all therapists are required to change into a freshly-laundered shirt for each client. Therapists have also been provided with a separate room in which to eat or drink away from other therapists and employees.

All therapist and front desk staff temperatures are recorded upon arrival at the studio and prior to starting a shift.

Appointment start times are staggered throughout the day to limit unnecessary interaction among clients and staff as well as to allow for six feet of social distancing in common areas. 

The studio is limited to 50% or less of its normal capacity with a maximum of 4 therapists in the studio at any given time. Shifts are also limited in length. 

The services menu has been temporarily reduced. Until further notice couples massage will be available in separate rooms. Facial services are unavailable for booking. Facial massage is avoided altogether unless clinically indicated and in this case, gloves are worn by the therapist and massage is performed over the mask.

All nonessential items have been removed from therapy rooms to reduce overall points of contact; all rugs and other porous materials have been removed to facilitate sanitation. 

All therapy rooms are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant following each appointment, including equipment, tools, surfaces, floors, and frequent points of contact.

All therapy rooms contain air purifiers that run continuously during service. These purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters and function to consistently and quickly turn over the volume of air in the room. Additionally, a hydrogen peroxide ionizer is scheduled to be installed in the studio HVAC unit to deliver sanitized air to the entire studio.

All linens are transported off-site by a professional service and cleaned in accordance with hospital-grade standards.

Artemis appreciates the collective cooperation of clients, therapists, and staff in maintaining a clean and safe environment for massage therapy.


We will continue to closely monitor developments and adjust studio procedures and protocols as needed. Any updates will be communicated on the business website and through corresponding email announcements.