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Artemis therapists and employees have received three doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Covid-19 Safety

We reviewed every aspect of the client and therapist experience at Artemis and have established procedures and protocols to meet (and in many cases, exceed) government and industry-specific safety guidance. 

Client Procedures

Please review the new procedures all clients must follow:

DO NOT VISIT THE STUDIO IF YOU OR A HOUSEHOLD MEMBER has a fever, common cold symptoms, COVID-19 symptoms, or a communicable illness of any kind; if you have had contact with a person who has developed symptoms of illness within three days of your last contact; if you have visited an independent facility with a community spread of COVID-19; or if you are under an isolation or quarantine order.



Community Level: Low

• Masks are encouraged but are currently optional for all clients. Masking is optional as long as Centre County remains in the low or medium transmission categories as determined by the CDC.

All therapists and staff remain masked.

Clients are asked to distance themselves from other clients in common areas.

Clients are asked to follow sanitation and hygiene standards, including hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer prior to the beginning of massage services. 

Clients and therapists are discouraged from casual conversation while doors to therapy rooms are closed. Please limit speech to confirming pressure, comfort, and/or findings.

No guests or companions allowed at this time. Only clients who have scheduled appointments may enter the studio. 


No paper intakes accepted at this time. All new and updated health intakes must be submitted digitally in advance.

Studio Procedures

Please review the ways in which we aim to keep you safe:

All therapists and front desk staff are required to wear clean, properly fitting masks at all times. Therapists have been provided with a separate room in which to eat or drink away from other therapists and employees. 

All therapists and front desk staff are required to rapid test to return to work if they experience any symptoms of illness, believe they may have been exposed to COVID-19, or have recently attended any large public events.

Appointment start times are staggered throughout the day to limit unnecessary interaction among clients and staff as well as to allow for six feet of social distancing in common areas. 

A maximum of 6 therapists are permitted in the studio at any given time. Shifts are also limited in length. Turnovers between appointments are a minimum of 30 minutes to allow for ventilation.

The services menu has been reduced. Facial services are unavailable for booking. Facial massage is avoided altogether unless clinically indicated and in this case, gloves are worn by the therapist and massage is performed over the mask.

All nonessential items have been removed from therapy rooms to reduce overall points of contact; all rugs have been removed to facilitate sanitation. 

All therapy rooms are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant following each appointment, including equipment, tools, surfaces, and frequent points of contact. Floors are disinfected following each appointment.

All therapy rooms contain air purifiers that run continuously during service. These purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters and function to consistently and quickly turn over the volume of air in the room. Additionally, a hydrogen peroxide ionizer has been installed in the HVAC unit to deliver sanitized air to the entire studio.

All linens are transported off-site by a professional service and cleaned in accordance with hospital-grade standards.

Artemis appreciates the collective cooperation of clients, therapists, and staff in maintaining a clean and safe environment for massage therapy.

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