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A credit card or gift card is required to hold your appointment. Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. To reschedule or cancel an appointment, please contact the studio with at least 24 hours' notice. A late cancellation fee is charged for any cancellation received with less than 24 hours' notice. For fees, see the pricing chart at the top of the Pricing page.

This policy also applies to appointments booked within the 24-hour cancellation window itself; it applies when an appointment must be shortened by 15 minutes or more (either due to a request by the client within 24 hours or the late arrival of the client to the appointment); and it
 applies if a client arrives to an appointment and services cannot be performed due to information not previously disclosed at the time of booking (e.g. gender preference, serious injury or health condition, etc.) or because a client declines to follow studio policies and/or COVID-19 safety procedures.

Clients agree to the studio's 24-hour cancellation policy verbally when an appointment is booked and again digitally as part of the intake process. The policy is provided online and included in two automated emails issued prior to the appointment date. 


Consecutive Late Cancellations

Following two late cancellations, any subsequent appointment(s) must be prepaid in full at the time of booking; if the third appointment is late-canceled, the full value of the appointment is due.



In the case that a client fails to notify the studio of a late cancellation and subsequently does not show up for the appointment (i.e. the client is a "no-call/no-show") the amount due is 50% of the appointment value. Prepayment for any subsequent appointments may be required. Two consecutive NC/NS incidents result in forfeiture of the entire prepaid appointment value.

Parties of 4+

Parties of four or more clients who are scheduling together are required to provide payment for all scheduled services upfront at the time of booking, excluding gratuity. Any cancellation(s) received with less than 24 hours' notice forfeit the full service deposit(s).

"I wasn’t informed of the cancellation policy."

The cancellation policy is accepted verbally at the time of booking and accepted again formally in writing on the health intake. It’s reiterated in subsequent confirmation and reminder emails. The policy is also available on the website for your convenience.


"What if I have a good reason to late cancel?"

There are a variety of reasons which may cause a client to cancel their appointment without sufficient notice. The front desk staff at Artemis cannot subjectively evaluate and/or substantiate individual client claims. This is why the policy is standard and applies to all late cancellations.


"What if it’s out of my control?"

Nearly all late cancellations are due to reasons that are out of a client’s control. Since the end result of a late cancellation is always the same for the service provider, we are unable to deem one client's reason “more valid” than another client's reason.


"The fee seems high."

The precedent for cancellation fees is set by established businesses in the massage industry, such as Hand and Stone (50%), Massage Envy (50 - 100%), and Elements Massage (100%). By comparison, Artemis fees are equal to 30% or less of the appointment value. These rates were chosen to be reasonable for the client while meeting our contractual obligation to the therapist.


"I’m a regular client - why do I have to pay a fee?"

Therapists are grateful for the supportive, regular clients who frequent the studio. Regular clients comprise the majority of a therapist's client base, visiting as frequently as every two to four weeks and often for years at at time.


An important part of the client-therapist relationship in an appointment-based business includes upholding professional boundaries. Studio policies are designed in concert with therapists to support the maintenance of good boundaries and are standard to all clients.

In the case of late cancellations, the studio is contractually obligated on behalf of the therapist to collect a fee, since a late cancellation for any reason directly affects the livelihood of the therapist. This enables the client to continue the relationship in good faith with their therapist.

"I tested positive/was exposed to COVID-19.
Why do I have to pay a fee?"

In light of the global conditions since 2020, any client scheduling an elective wellness service accepts the possibility that if they should cancel within the 24-hour window prior to their appointment due to a positive test/potential exposure to COVID-19, a nominal fee is owed.


It can be helpful to understand that a fee is not a penalty. It exists to maintain respect for the therapist and their time when a client cancels without adequate notice; it allows for the client to maintain a professional relationship with the therapist. In this way, the policy has become especially important during the pandemic.


"Can I come in while sick to avoid a fee?"

It is against studio policy to arrive to an appointment if you have any symptoms of illness. Aside from protecting the public from infection, massage therapy is contraindicated for clients who are ill, since it can increase the severity of illness through its effect on the lymphatic system. It is always in your best interest to reschedule when ill!

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